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Installing DCC decoders in S Scale

Some S scale manufacturers are already delivering "DCC ready" locomotives to the market. S Helper Service has delivered all of its locomotives over the last few years as DCC ready, including the SW-9/1200, SW-1, F-3 A & B, F-7 A & B, and 2-8-0 Consolidation. American Models recently delivered its first "DCC ready" locomotive - the SD60. Installation of standard DCC decoders in these locomotives is straightforward -- remove the shell, remove the reversing unit or DC shorting plug, and plug in an appropriately sized DCC decoder. No soldering required!

In addition S Helper Service was the first American locomotive manufacturer in any scale to deliver a locomotive (F-3) with a factory installed DCC Sound Decoder, and they have announced plans for the same availability with its pending F-7s. S Helper Service partnered with SoundTraxx, the leading provider of DCC Sound decoders, to deliver a custom built Sound Decoder that provides bell, horn, dynamic brake and engine exhaust sounds, along with control of headlight, MARS light (if appropriate for a given railroad), and number board lights. Useful links:

While the work of these manufacturers in delivering DCC ready locomotives is very much appreciated, there are still a large number of other locomotives in which we wish to install DCC decoders. As we install DCC decoders, we are attempting to create a guide to our installations in the hopes that it might assist others with their installations. The installations we have documented so far are:



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